We use mineral and liquid lithium hardeners. Decorative and industrial polymer floor coverings. We repair and grind existing concrete floors in Latvia and the EU

Floor and wall

We perform floor and wall finishing with the highest quality raw materials, work equipment and techniques

Residential building

We process the areas of any type of residential buildings

Construction of non
Residential buildings

We process areas of any type of non-residential buildings

About us

Who are we?

SIA Nielatec Baltija is a subsidiary of the German company Nielatec GMBH in the Baltics. We have been working since 2006. We perform the installation (construction) of industrial epoxy (polymer) and concrete floors, as well as the repair, sanding and polishing of existing floors. If necessary, we perform base preparation and reinforcement installation works. We also perform concreting of floors, pools, and walls. We work in the Swedish, German, Estonian, Russian and Latvian markets. We install industrial epoxy (polymer) and concrete floors in various industrial facilities – food processing, metallurgy, and electronics – as well as in aerodromes, warehouses, animal housing, etc. All our employees regularly do internships in the field of industrial epoxies (polymers) and concrete floors at the German parent company Nielatec GMBH. Professional laying of epoxy (polymer) and concrete floors.